Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident in Taiwan Real Fake or Myth check

Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident in Taiwan Real Fake or Myth check

On the internet, a report is spreading that a Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident in Taiwant. A disagreement has emerged among the Chinese Nuclear Submarine old rumours, with Beijing denying the reports and Taipei claiming there is no source or proof to corroborate Beijing’s assertion.

Everyone is left wondering, “Where did the Rumours emerge from?” As word spreads on social media that a Chinese nuclear submarine has sunk after an accident near the Taiwan Strait, many issues have arisen that must be addressed. This essay is for you if you are also searching the internet for the same information. Swipe down the page and read the article all the way to the conclusion.

Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident in Taiwan

On the morning of August 22, social media was ablaze with reports that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Type 093 (Shang cl) nuclear-powered attack submarine had been involved in a major accident near the disputed Taiwan Strait, killing all officers on board, including seven trainees.

Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident in Taiwan

Some netizens on the recently redesigned X site also claimed that the Communist Party of China’s Military Commission Headquarters was informed of the mishap in the Yellow Sea area on August 21st. According to an X user known as @lude_media, Chinese President Xi Jinping was aware of the situation and asked the Joint Operations Command Centre of the Military Commission to investigate.

The X user also stated that the catastrophe involving a Chinese nuclear-powered submarine did not occur in the Taiwan Strait, but rather in the Yellow Sea, and that all on board were killed in the tragedy. Despite widespread speculation on the internet and social networking sites, Chinese officials have yet to confirm or reply to the reported deaths of Chinese officials.

While Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence maintained there was no evidence to back up the news. According to Sun Li Fang, the surveillance apparatus uncovered no sign of a submarine mishap.

Relations between China and Taiwan

The prospect of a Chinese submarine patrolling the Taiwan Strait has increased as China’s activity in the region has intensified. Taiwan reported two days ago that 25 Chinese air force jets had breached the Taiwan Strait’s centre line in the previous 24 hours, while Beijing conducted military manoeuvres surrounding the island. Last Saturday, China held air and sea manoeuvres surrounding Taiwan as a stern warning after the island’s vice president visited the United States.

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